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NewS Instrumental Song Download

Hi everyone!!

I'm sorry for not posting for quite a long time... i've been busy with all the assignment and assessment.. Since i'm done with everything, i want to share some songs with you guys..

I don't know whether anyone has posted this a not, but since i didn't see it...... so i decided to shared it with everyone..

Here you go~~~~~~

Hadashi no Cinderella Boy

Hoshi wo Mezashite

Akaku Moyuru Taiyo

Happy Birthday


Summer Time


Taiyo no Namida


Feel free to take it~~ =]
Comments would be loved.. ^___^

Kim Jeong Hoon instrumental

This instrumental is from Jeong Hoon's 'Blue Moon' single. It's really nice, i love it alot!!
Hope u like it as well!!   X3

Blue Moon  -  MF

Umi o Wataru Tsuki  -  MF

Ushirosugata  -  MF

DL: Tegomasu ringtones

I've nothing to do at home, so I just thought of cutting some of tegomasu songs to put as ringtones in my phone. And now I want to share it with everyone~
Hope you like it!!

p/s: comment please if your're taking~ thx  ^^

Ai Ai Gasa  -  here

Kiss~kaerimichi no love  -  here

Tanabata Matsuri  -  here

Hamamuke  -  here

Kataomoi no Chiisana Koi  -  here

Boku Rashiku  -  here

DL: Hey! Say! Jump instrumental

Here are some of Hey! Say! Jump's instrumental song that I want to share with everyone.
Feel free to take it. :)

mayonaka no shadow boy  -  here
bouken raider  -  here
deep night (thinking of you)  -  here
chance to change  -  here
dreams come true  -  here
oretachi no seishun  -  here
your seed  -  here
ultra music power  -  here
star time  -  here
school revolution  -  here

NYC mv subbed download

Just subbed NYC mv (romanji and english subbed)

here  -  MF

P/S: comment would be loved


download: tegomass pv sub

I've just sub tegomass mvs this week. It's not really in HQ, it's a bit blur for the kiss ~kaerimichi no love song...
Anyway, enjoy  :)

Ai Ai Gasa - MF

MIso Soup (eng ver) - MF

Tanabata Matsuri - MF

Kiss ~Kaerimichi no Love Song - MF

berryz koubou mv (with lyric) download

Well.. i only subbed two of thier mv because I love this two mv  a lot.. XP
I'll try to sub more of their mv next time  :)

dakishimete dakishimete  -  MF 

seishun bus guide  -  MF

on/off mv (with lyric) download

It's been quite sometime since my first upload.. XP
Here are the on/off 's mv that i've subbed myself and i'll like to share it with everyone..  :3
~comments are loved~
so... enjoy!!    ^_^

eien ni setsuna  -  MF 

futatsu no kodou to akai tsumi  -   MF  

rondo  -  MF

HSJ phone chorus for download

Um... this is my first time posting stuff..  so if there is anything that i did wrongly, gomen ne.  :P
I too don't know wether any posted it before a not, if yes... then sorry....
All this chorus is all cut by me... feel free to take it if u want to   ^_^

hs7 - chance to change - here
hs7 - bouken rider - here
hs7 - hey say - here
hs7 - bon bon - here
hs7 - I wo kure - here
hsb - su.ri.ru - here
hsb - switch - here
hsj - deep night kimi omou - here
hsj - dreams come true part 1 - here
hsj - dreams come true part 2 - here
hsj - mayonaka no shadow boy - here
hsj - school kakumei - here
hsj - star time - here
ultra music power - here
hsj - your seed - here
yamada - perfume - here
ya-ya-yah - ikujinashi - here
hsj - yuuki 100% - here